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There is a mathematical relationship between gravity and weight not mass. Mass is some thing that you always have, it doesn't change. But weight is determined by the size of the planet that they are on, bigger planets like Saturn and Jupiter get more gravity therefore making a person's weight differ

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An object's weight is its mass multiplied by its acceleration due to gravity. by ajinath

There's a very definite relationship ... which we can write as a fairly simple mathematicalformula ... between the planet's mass, its radius, and the acceleration of gravity at its surface.

The relationship between the Location of the centre of gravity and stability is that the higher the centre of gravity then the lower the stability.

There is a very great relationship between density and specific gravity. Density contributes to the weight of a substance under specific gravity.

The more mass the greater the gravity. Mass equals gravity.

Gravity is a force and its effect on a mass is measured in newtons.

Gravity, because of the structures of gravity, gravity has no measure whereas density has units of mass..

t = 2*pi*sqrt(l/g) Where t is the period, l is the length and g is the accelaration due to gravity.

The force of gravity decreases as the distance between two bodies increases.

the relationship between buoyant force and gravity is that both definitions have to do with floatation . gravity and buoyant both keep you your object afloat so that it does not submerge

Water uses gravity to flow in streams, waterfalls,and rivers.

Gravity pulls at the rock fragments causing them to move.

The relationship is: weight = mass x gravity If the mass is specified in kilograms and the gravity in meters/second2, the force will be in newton.

For example, for gravitational potential energy, the relationship is: PE = weight x height Or the equivalent: PE = mass x gravity x height

Weight is the pull of a gravity field on a massGravity is the result of a distortion in space-time produced by a mass.

Sir Isaac Newton is best known for mathematical ideas about gravity and motion.

the relationship is gravity keeps us down. pressure brings things down or pushes things down. hope this helps

The greater the mass the stronger the gravitational pull

the gravity of the moon greatly affects the tides.

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