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It depends what they are measuring. A caliper does better with cylinders and things like that. A ruler does better with a flat distance between two marks.

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Q: Which measurements do you believe to be better those taken with the caliper or those taken with the ruler?
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What does a ruler measure?

A ruler is used to make linear measurements like length, width and height.

Is an outside caliper more precise than a ruler?

It depends how accurately you can read the scale. A ruler would only be accurate to 1 mm. If the caliper has a vernier scale it should be ten times better

Which is more accurate ruler or a vernier caliper?

A caliper is more accurate.

Which is more accurate an ordinary plastic ruler or a vernier caliper?

The vernier caliper is more accurate that a plastic ruler. That's because the caliper is designed to be used and effectively read to measure small distances. And it does this better than a "regular" ruler because it has a vernier scale built into it. It's like an "amplified ruler" attached to the device that has increased accuracy. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on the vernier caliper and to the one on the vernier scale. Check out the pictures and skim the details. You should be able to pick it up with a bit of thought.

What are the tools of metalworking?

ruler filler caliper etc..

What is a tool measuring length?

Ruler. Micrometers. Caliper.

Is an odometer a tool to measure a baseball?

No. Odometer measure the traveled distance of a wheeled vehicle. A ruler or a vernier caliper would be better for measuring a baseball.

What are three tools used for measuring?

A caliper, a ruler and a tape.

How do you record measurements using ruler?

get a ruler,measure it and write it on a piece of paper.

Is there a piece of wood that has preprinted measurements on it?


How do you find out your bmx crank size?

You measure it. A ruler and a caliper are useful.

What are the measurements of a uterus?

just get a ruler and go to town.