Which men flew to the moon?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Frank Borman

Jim Lovell (twice)

Bill Anders

Tom Stafford

Gene Cernan (twice)

John Young (twice)

Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin

Michael Collins

Pete Conrad

Alan Bean

Richard Gordon

Fred Haise

Jack Swigert

Al Shepard

Ed Mitchell

Stuart Roosa

Dave Scott

Jim Irwin

Al Worden

Charlie Duke

Ken Mattingly

Harrison Schmitt

Ron Evans

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Q: Which men flew to the moon?
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How did the men get to the moon?

the flew in on the saturn5 rocket and landed on the eagle.

How many astronauts stepped foot on the moon?

No scientists went to the moon , the men who flew to the moon were all asronauts.

Who was the first female astronaut to land on the moon?

None and never. 12 men have walked on the moon and all those men were males.

How many people have visited the moon?

There have been 9 Apollo missions to the moon that carried a total of 24 men. Three of those men flew twice to the moon.Of those 24 men, 12 have set foot on the moon.Not much people land on the moon is about 5 per year

How did astronauts travel to the moon?

They flew

What are the release dates for The Bird Who Flew to the Moon - 2005?

The Bird Who Flew to the Moon - 2005 was released on: USA: 1 December 2005

What was the name of the spacecraft that flew to the moon?

The answer is the Apollo11

What is hone heke's background?

he flew to the moon

Who were the astronauts that flew to the moon but never landed on it?


Who flew the Apollo 11 to the moon?

neil Armstrong

How many people flew to the moon Apollo project?

As each Apollo spacecraft had three astronauts at a time and seven Apollo crafts flew to the moon, there were a total of 21 astronauts.

Did Gemini 11 reach the moon?

No none of the Gemini spacecrafts landed or for the matter flew to the moon.