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i think aluminium, its the most common reflective one anyway.

Actually I am in the middle of a project that requires this information. Silver exceeds aluminum. Silver has a 98% RI and Aluminum is 90%.

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What is the reflective index of plastic?

not a clue

What does high reflective index mean?

Reflective Index used to apply to CRT monitors and was a gauge of how much reflected light came off a monitor. A reflective index of < 15% was good. Today's TFT LCD monitors typically have a reflective index of less than 1%, especially those that are backlit, so the term has gone out of use now, and is no longer relevant.

Do impurities raise or lower the Refractive index of a liquid?

Impurities can cause a significant change in the reflective index of a liquid. Impurities totally affect the results of the experiment. It changes the reflective index and affect the concentration of the solution.

What surface has a low albedo?

One with a low reflective index.

What has the highest index of refraction?

Diamond (2.33)is far from the highest. The highest are silicon and germanium. Silicon has a refractive index of 3.96 and germanium has the highest with 4.01.

What color of light has the highest refractive index?

Violet light has the highest refractive index because it has the shortest wavelength.

Write an expression to claculate the reflective index of glass?

I cannot answer this question without knowing the numbers for the glass

What is the advantage of parabolic reflective antenna?

parabolic reflector having highest directivity.

WHAT color of light which has the highest refractive index?

The higher refactive index of the colour is blue

Why does skin have the highest mitotic index?

Because cell replacement is highest in skin .

Which metal conducts most light?

Metal does not conduct light it reflects it. Metal generally conducts heat and electricity. The most reflective and electrically conductive metal is silver.

What has the highest index of refraction a vacuum a diamond air or crown glass?

A diamond has the highest index of refraction, about 2.4 Crown glass is about 1.5 and a vacuum is 1

Transition metal with the highest melting point?

Tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point.

Which index crime has the highest clearance rate?


Which normal tissue has the highest mitotic index?


Which state has the highest heat index?

North Dakota

What has the highest glycemic index pasta or rice?


Which metal has the highest specific heat capacity?

Lithium is the metal that has the highest specific heat capacity.

What is the hardest metal to melt?

Tungsten or wolfram is a natural metal with the highest melting point. The metal also has the highest tensile strength.

What is an objects ability to reflect sunlight called?

Reflectivity, index of refraction and optical density are all ways to measure reflective light.

Properties of a metal?

electrically conductivethermally conductivemalleablereflectiveopaqueductileplasticity

What is the purpose of the Russell 1000 Index?

The Russell 1000 Index is a stock market index. Its purpose is to represent the highest ranking 1000 stocks in the Russell 3000 Index, which counts for 90% of that particular market.

The transport index TI of a radioactive material?

Transport Index is the highest radiation level at one meter from the surface of the package.

What metal has the highest melting point of any metal?


Which metal has highest ductility?

Gold metal is most ductile

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