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Q: Which military value is at the core of both the profession of arms and the relationship of the profession with the American people?
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Chase Durer makes specialty watches ranging from military watches to watches worn by pilots. They make watches specially for people in these professions.

Is the Normandy American Cemetery a real military cemetery?

Yes. That's where people came to visit and honor those military soldiers.

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What do the American people and our multinational partners expect the US military to do in every aspect of warfare?


What do the American people and mulitanational partners expect from U.S. military in every aspect of warfare?


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That is a good question. I believe that all military forces are all amazing and people should be proud to serve in them.

Why do people feel the 9 11 is important today?

It was an attack on American people, which happened on American soil. Thousands of regular citizens, as well as responders and military died as a result.

How seriously did the American people take the risk of Military conflict during the Berlin crisis?

very serious................

How did the Tet Offensive impact the American people and thus the military?

it seemed to prove that America was not winning in Vietnam.