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which mountain range separed colonists from many Native American nations?

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American colonists were unlike people in most colonies and nations becuase?

The colonists talked about tyranny because royal governors tried to American colonists were unlike people in most colonies and nations.

How does the Highland Commons or affect the Latin America?

The mountain ranges form the backbone of the landmass, with peaks of about 22,000 feet. Due to their relative impassibility, they have hindered trade and communications in Mexico and the nations in Latin America. These mountain ranges have separated nations from each other as well as individual regions with nations.

Italy and Germany were separated into two independent nations in which century?

Italy and Germany were not "separated" into nations, rather they were united from various principalities through treaties, alliances, and conquest in the 1800s.

The turning point of the American revolution was the colonists?

One of the greatest turning-points of the American Revolution was the colonists' victory over the British at Saratoga in the fall of 1777. This victory convinced several European nations that the American cause was worth supporting, with France in particular providing aid that proved critical to the ultimate victory in the war.

How do first nations use mountain goats?

they use the mountain goats milk.

Why were the colonists able to achieve victory in the American revolution?

In the American Revolutionary War, the colonists were able to achieve victory for several reasons. One primary reason was their resilience and their persistence: they refused to quit, even after defeats or in hardship. Another primary reason was the support they received from European nations, particularly, France, which provided key military support when the colonists needed it most.

Where was the iron curtain located?

The iron curtain separated western Europe and the united states from eastern Europe.More precisely, the iron cutain separated communist nations allied with the soviet union from the democratic nations

What country were the colonists seeking independence from?

During the American Revolutionary Period, the colonists were seeking independence from Great Britain, one of the most powerful nations in Europe. Although most of the colonists had originated in Great Britain (or, England, as it was sometimes called), over the years their relationship with the "mother country" had deteriorated to the point of rebellion.

What did the US have in common with great Britain?

2 nations separated by a common language.

What are the names of the two nations that used to be Czechoslovakia?

On January 1, 1993 Czechoslovakia separated into two nations the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What two nations benefited most from the American Revolution?

The United States which gained its independence and Canada which gained so many former US colonists who had remained loyal to the United Kingdom and started new lives in Canada after the American Revolution.

What kind of leaders governed latin American nations after independence?

dictators governed latin american nations after independence

What did the native Americans have to do in the American Revolution?

Certain Native Americans decided to fight alongside the American Colonists while others fought alongside the British and still others chose neutrality. However, Native Americans were not directly involved in the American Revolution and were seen as pawns by the Americans and British alike. The British were generally more approving of Native Americans than the American Colonists, but both saw them as ignorant savages as opposed to legitimate foreign nations.

Why do you think foreign nations supported the colonists rather than Great Britain?

During the American Revolutionary War, foreign nations (European nations, particularly) supported the Colonists rather than the British for primarily one reason: they were competing with Great Britain for supremacy in the Old World and elsewhere. Thus, to see Great Britain defeated in America would weaken that nation while at the same time strengthening Great Britain's competitors, especially France and Spain.

What are the two central African nations with the same name that are separated by a river that shares their name?

democratic republic of Congo and the republic of Congo separated by the Congo river .

How have latin American nations tried to achieve economic independence?

Latin American nations have tried to achieve economic independence by controlling their means of production. Oil producing Latin American nations have nationalized oil companies.

How did American Revolution affect other nations?

I think that the American revolution was powerful and effected other nations by war,taking their money.

Who are the highly nationalistic mountain people who live in many nations?

I believe that the nationalistic people who live in the mountains in many nations are the Kurds.

When were Italy and Germany separated into two independent nations?

Italy and Germany were never together so cannot be separated. Germany was a bunch of states until 18th Jan 1871.

What countries were fighting in the American Revolution?

During the American Revolutionary War, the principal combatants were Great Britain (who made occasional use of German and Native American troops) and their North American colonists, who would soon be known collectively as the United States. Two other major European nations were involved in the war before it ended: France and Spain.

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