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a muscle i dont know of

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Q: Which muscle opens and closes the jaw?
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What muscle opens and closes your jaw?

The internal pterygoid closes the jaw

Which muscle closes the jaw?


What is the muscle that opens and closes the clam?

the adductor muscle.

What is the action for the masseter muscle?

closes jaw

The masseter is the strongest muscle for its size in your body at least as far as force exerted by muscles you can control go What does it do?

Opens and closes your lower jaw

What muscle closes the jaw?

There are three muscles that control the jaw. One on each side of your neck, you can feel them. Also there are two more matter of fact in the back of your head. The first one is at the bottom of your brain stem, and it connects to the first bone in your spine. The second one is attached to your brain stem as well, and is connected to the bone in your spine where your bra strap ends. When the jaw locks, it is sometimes caused by these muscles and a disc on each side of your jaw in a specific socket, that are often irritated by stress. For more information about how to stop the locking of a jaw, set an appointment with Dr. Paul H. Rigali. He has offices in Wallingford next to IParty and one in Meriden I am not sure of the location. He is a very helpful Orthodontics professional and has helped me along with several other people with the causes of locked jaws. Every person is different so where you have pain may be different than where I did.

What is the muscle closes the jaw?

The masseter muscle. both masseter and temporalis :)100%

What is the muscle that closes the jaw?

The masseter muscle. both masseter and temporalis :)100%

What opens and closes bivalve shells?

The adductor Muscle

What is the action of the temporalis muscle?

closes jaw, elevates and retracts the mandible

What muscle originates from the zygomatic arch and functions in elevating the mandible?

The masseter is the main muscle that shuts or closes the jaw.

What acts synergistically with the masseter to elevate the mandible?

The masseter IS the functional muscle which closes the mandible (jaw).

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