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If I had more time, I could research every mythical creature known to man, but as I don't, these are the three that keep popping up: the haunt, the hydra and dragons.

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Q: Which mythical creatures are poisonous
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Are Dragons mythical creatures?

Yes dragons are very much mythical creatures.

What is a sentence for mythical?

Unicorns are mythical creatures.

Is there a god of mythical creatures?

That I know of but many gods are associated with certain mythical creatures.

Why do Greek myths have mythical creatures in them?

if greek myths dident have mythical creatures it wouldent be a myth.

Are there mythical creatures that like emeralds?

There are a lot of different mythical creatures, nymphs can be regarded as on of the popular mythical sea creature. Other popular creatures include mermaids and giants.

Are cryptids mythical creatures?

Yes, cryptids are mythical creatures or real creatures that mythical creatures might have originated from. Several known animals were once considered mythical, such as the giant squid and the platypus. Other cryptids are based on supernatural beliefs and likely do not exist at all.

What are the ratings and certificates for Mythical Creatures - 2009?

Mythical Creatures - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What are some mythical creatures that live in France?

Mythical creatures don't live in any physical place.

What mythical creatures are in Missouri?

the answer is momo that is the mythical creature in Missouri

What kind of mythical creatures are real?

None. That is why they are called mythical.

Can you have a unicorn?

No, they are mythical creatures.

What mythical creatures are real?

None, by definition. If a creature is real, then it is not mythical.