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Some popular banks that will allow you to open a free checking account include Huntington Asterisk, PNC Bank, and the 1st National bank of Scotia. You might also have a local bank or credit union that offers the option as well.

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2013-07-11 00:19:30
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Q: Which national banks will let a person open a free checking account?
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Related questions

Which national banks offer free checking with direct deposit?

Wells Fargo and City National Bank offer a nice free checking account.

How do I open a checking account?

Contact local banks, compare features, go to the banks website and select the "open a checking account" option.

Where can you find banks that have a free checking account?

Most all banks have a free checking account option. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a free checking account. It is required of you to have a job, or be in college in order to get the full benefits of a free checking account.

What is Standard Checking Account?

A standard checking account at most banks is an account where a person puts money in, and then they can write checks to pay their bills or get cash. A standard checking account might have a minimum balance the account holder has to maintain, without being charged a service fee.

Where can one open a checking account at a bank?

One can open a checking account at a bank quite easily. There are many different banks, such as Bank of America, TD Bank, or Citibank. One could go to the website of these banks and find out more information on the website about opening a checking account. However one may go to one's local bank and open a checking account in person.

What are some good banks to get a checking account?

Most banks have similar options for checking accounts. Often smaller local banks or credit unions offer free checking or lower required balances than do national banks. If one wants to use a larger bank, Wells Fargo is a good choice.

Do banks offer high interest return on checking accounts?

Banks typically only offer a high interest return in a savings account, not a checking account. Some banks allow unlimited transfers between savings and checking accounts, so you could get a high interest savings account and transfer money as necessary to your checking account.

How do you open a checking account?

You go to your bank of choice and tell them that you want to open a checking account. You'll need a deposit. Banks vary on the amount of a deposit needed to open an account. Banks offer different kinds of checking accounts too.

Do any national banks have free checking?

I know Chase does, since I happen to have a free checking account with them. You do need to use your debit card occasionally, however, to maintain the free status.

Does Chase Banks offer checking accounts?

Chase Banks offer two types of checking accounts. They offer a free checking account with no minimum balance with direct deposit and an interest checking account with a $5000 minimum balance and direct deposit.

Which banks offer a no fee checking account?

Some of the many banks that offer clients a no fee checking account include TD bank, Citizen's Green checking, Century Bank, ING direct, and Bank of America.

Which banks provide a free business checking account within America?

There are a couple banks that provide a free business checking account within America. The best banks and most reliable banks would be Iberia Bank, Bank of America, and Chase.

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