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Q: Which object would you expect to emit more thermal radiation a lamp that is turned on or a rock at room temperature?
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How hot is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation is sometimes referred to as thermal radiation. The temperature of infrared radiation varies from object to object. All objects radiate infrared, even objects at room temperature and frozen objects.

What term refers to the flow of energy from an object at a higher temperature to an object at a lower temperature?

There are three ways thermal energy can be transferred: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Do all objects give off thermal radiation?

yes every object gives out thermal radiation

What happens to radiation from an object as its temperature increases?

radiation from object decreases as the temperature rises

What are the factors that increase the rate at which an object emits thermal radiation?

The hotter the object the more it radiates. The blacker the surface the more it radiates. The surrounds only affect the total loss of heat from the object, not the actual rate the object emits thermal radiation. From my imperfect memory I seem to recall that the rate an object looses heat by radiation to its environment is proportional to the forth power of the difference in temperature between the object and the environment.

Does thermal energy only move between warm objects?

Thermal energy will pass from any object to any colder object. They don't need to be "warm." However, thermal radiation is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature, so that means that a hotter object will emit MUCH more thermal radiation than a cold object.

Heat is transferred from an object that has a thermal conductivity temperature to an object that has a?

Heat is transferred from an object that has a thermal conductivity temperature to another object through heat conduction.

How does thermal radiation that is emitted from an object vary?

it changes coulor

Is temperature living?

No. Temperature is a measure of thermal energy of an object

Does two objects at different temperature have same thermal energy explain?

No,two objects at different temperature does not have the same thermal energy because both objects have different temperature .object with high temperature has more thermal energy and the object with low temperature has less thermal energy.

What is the transfer of thermal energy from an object of higher temperature to an object of lower temperature?

The increase in the kinetic energy of a material's particles from an object of higher temperature to one of lower temperature is known as heat transference.heat

Is temperature a measure of how much thermal energy an object has?

Yes, the hotter an object is, the greater the thermal energy it has.