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Most plants and animals live in the Sunlit Zone.

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Q: Which ocean zone do most plants an animals live in?
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Where do most plants live on earth?

Most plants live in the ocean.

Most plants on earth live here?


What kind of environment must most plants and animals live in?

Most plants and animals can also live only in environments that have Moderate Temperatures

Could plants live without people an animals?

Plants need carbon dioxide to grow. People and animals produce the most carbon dioxide. Plants need animals to live. Animals need plants to live.

Where do most ocean animals live?

near the equator

Why do most plants and animals live in ecosystems?

In an ecosystem plants and animals have mutually supportive relationships.

Do all animals and plants need saltwater?

No, most animals and plants benefit more from fresh water than from salt water. Only those species which live in the ocean are adapted to salt water.

Plants and animals live in-?

Most plants and animals live in areas with very specific climate conditions, such as temperature and rainfall patterns, that enable them to thrive.

What ocean has the most animals?

The Atlanic ocean and the Pacific Ocean have the most animals

List of plants that live in the ocean?

There are a wide variety of plants that live in the ocean, both plants with roots attached to the sea floor and plants which float in the water. The most common ocean plant is phytoplankton. Other plants include kelp, seagrass, and many types of algae,

Does the weather in the ocean affect the animals that live there?

i dont know but im sure it does because most animals in the ocean need a good tempature. :] <><

Why are plants important to animals?

Animals get most of their energy and nutrition from plants. Animals either eat the plants, or eat animals that ate the plants. Also, it gives animals a place to live. Such as spiders, ants, moles, and other animals. Plants also provide animals oxygen.

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