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Q: Which of are proposed theories of how life came about on Earth?
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How do scientist think plant life came to earth?

They do not think plant life 'came' to Earth. They believe it evolved here.

How life came on earth?

as because the gases on the earth helped the survival........and so it could have been said that earth have life

What are theories of life and where does life come from?

What are theories of life (Operin) and where does life come from

When was Demeter born?

she was born after life came to earth

Why has the spontaneous generation been discarded?

This question regards the earlier theories as to the origins of life. This theory came to be rejected as genetics and the biochemical pathways to life came to be understood through evolutionary biology.

How do you use theories in a sentence?

Were doing the cell theory in science. We are learning about the theory of life Theory is a system of rules to get an answer

How did Magellan's sailors prove one of Aristole's theories?

They sank, came backed to life then sued the person who asked this question.

What came first oxygen or life?

Life came first. The oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is a product of living organisms carrying out photosynthesis.

Who wrote origin of life?

The origin of life remains a subject of scientific investigation with no definitive answer. Various hypotheses and theories have been proposed by scientists such as Alexander Oparin, J.B.S. Haldane, and Stanley Miller, but the exact mechanism of life's origin is still unknown.

Is everyone dividend in life?

no one on earth is god, the only time anyone on earth was god is when Jesus came to earth

What was first life on earth?

Life is defined by the ability to metabolise, grow and most importantly to procreate or multiply. Supposedly, the first life on earth came in the form of coacervates.

Where Earth's early organism lived?

All life came from the ocean. Fish even came before animals.