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Specialist level

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Q: Which of the following Career Program structures focuses on mid-level full performance positions at grades GS-9?
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What type of manager are responsible for short term planning?

Midlevel Managers

What kind of barriers would business leaders face from midlevel managers employees customers vendors or outside groups such as Greenpeace?

The barriers that business leaders would faec from midlevel managers would be lowering the budget, reasons to get rid of people, and they would find it necessary to change things that the company didn't need to change. This could cause real problems for people already working for the company, especially when it comes to outside groups, or vendors.

Where did CEO Steve Ballmer grow up?

Ballmer and his sister, Shelly, grew up in a wealthy suburb of Detroit, where their father, a Swiss immigrant, had a midlevel management job at Ford Motor Company.

What is some history of Steve Ballmer's early life?

Ballmer and his sister, Shelly, grew up in a wealthy suburb of Detroit, where their father, a Swiss immigrant, had a midlevel management job at Ford Motor Company.

Is the new 13 inch retina display MacBook Pro a midlevel gaming laptop?

The integrated graphics card is able to run games on a lot of PC Laptops, but considering the extremely large resolution on the Retina Display means that it wont be able to play games on full resolution.

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The 30th audio log is in Data Hive. midlevel you will meet a guy that normally gets killed by buggers after following you abit but if you've got the other 29 he will come down with you and then he will tell you to stop and wait for him in an icy area and not to follow him he will open a locked door follow him in anyway to discover the girls dad from the logs the guy will get angry and you must kill him the audio log is above the dads corpse

Will an AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 be better than my current Intel I5 750 2.67ghz and will it be a reasonable upgrade for some midlevel gaming?

You should save up, and get a Intel i5 2500k or i5 3570k. AMD processors aren't very good for gaming, and the i5's I mentioned should only be about 20-40 dollars more expensive.

What test does the Supreme Court use in discrimination cases?

Rational basis test for economic issues, strict scrutiny test for racial and fundamental liberty issues, and midlevel scrutiny for gender issues

What should mattress height be?

The thicker the mattress the better. Greater mattress height indicates more padding. However, midlevel mattresses can still be very comfortable and a good deal with a little less. Boxsprings also come in regular and more-narrow sizes. The narrower size is for those who wish to reduce the overall height of the bed.

Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?

While contribution of MBA cannot be denied in the midlevel,the leadership abilities are questionable.THE salaries & perks associated with ignores the potential ability &learning ability of the entire workforce .If the same amount of money &resources are spent in training &developing in non-mba work force then organizatons,may be able to develop more leaders at lower cost vaishally

Are Bower lenses a good investment for a beginner or even mid level photographer?

Not anymore, no. Bower lenses are manual focus only, and beginners and midlevel photographers have bought cameras with autofocus sensors for decades now. My impression here is that anyone who wants a manual focus camera also wants it to take film--and Bower lenses are specially made for digital cameras. I have no idea why anyone would make a lens like this anymore.

Can a midwife write prescriptions?

No they cannot. Only a licensed physician can write prescriptions.This is WRONG. A Certified Nurse Midwife and Certified Midwife are both considered midlevel clinicians and take an identical pharmacology class to an MD. We can and do write prescriptions for many types of medicines- even controlled substances (you must have a DEA# to do so- and yes many of us have them)The truth is: Midwives, Nurse Practitioners and Physician's assistants can ALL write prescriptions.