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Q: Which of the following media was used frequently in Chinese painting?
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Media most used in Chinese Painting?

Silk. Yep that's it. Just silk.

What Media did Jasper Johns use?

the media he used is painting,

What is painting media?

What materials are used

What media did Andre derain use in boats in the harbor?

The art movement was Fauvism although the media is a painting. The media of a piece of artwork is usually what it is, how it is portrayed. The media can be; a painting, a collage, a drawing etc. Hope this helped!

What has the author Geri Greenman written?

Geri Greenman has written: 'Painting with mixed media' -- subject(s): Technique, Mixed media painting

Media preferred by Picasso?

Oil painting and any other media you can think of.

Mass media resulting in eroding of Chinese culture?

It is arguable that global mass media is resulting in the eroding of traditional Chinese culture. This is because of the spread of western media.

Do you get a Chinese channel when you get virgin media?


What painting media did Andrea Mantegna use in the painting The Dead Christ?

tempra, an egg and pigment solution

What was Rembrant van Rijn's media?

Oil painting and etchings.

Does abstract sculpture differ from abstract painting?

no, just the media that is used

What media is used in Salvador Dali's painting Sleep?

oil on canvas