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Q: Which of the following statements is true regarding the U.S. presidential election?
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Which of these statements is trueFranklin Roosevelt was defeated in the 1932 election?

Franklin Roosevelt won the 1932 presidential election.

When is the presidential inaguaration held?

January 20th of the year following the election.

Which of the following is not a use of the federal income tax?

presidential election campaigns

How often does the Presidential inauguration happen?

On January 20 at noon in the year following the most recent Presidential election.

What number election is the 2008 presidential election?

George Washington won the first presidential election in 1789. The 2008 presidential election was the 56th presidential election in the United States.

All the following were a presidential candidate in the 1860 election except:?

abrham lincoln

When was the most recent date for a US Presidential election?

The most recent past US Presidential election was held on November 4, 2008; the next Presidential election will be on November 6, 2012. General elections are always held on Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

Who of the following individuals opposed by Southerners won the presidential election of 1860?

You forgot to list "the following individuals," but the answer is Abraham Lincoln.

Election day is held in?

The Presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November. The next Presidential election will occur on November 6, 2012.

Number of Americans voted in the presidential election?

Not knowing which election you are referring to... 2008 Presidential election: 132,618,580 total. 2004 Presidential election: 122,294,978 total. 2000 Presidential election: 105,586,274 total

What happens on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November?

The General Election happens on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

When is the presidental inauguration?

Every presidential inauguration is January 20, the following year after Election Day.