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A homeland security violation is any action that is contrary to the laws, regulations, or policies designed to protect the safety, security, and well-being of the citizens of the United States. These violations can range from espionage and terrorism to cybercrime, fraud, and human trafficking.

Examples of homeland security violations include:

• Spying or conducting espionage activities against the United States or its citizens.

• Participating in terrorist activities, including providing support or resources to terrorist organizations.

• Trading in or trafficking in items or technologies that could be used to facilitate or support terrorism.

• Engaging in cybercrime or cyber-terrorism, such as using a computer to commit fraud or disrupt networks.

• Transporting illegal immigrants into the United States.

• Committing fraud related to homeland security programs or initiatives, such as falsely claiming to be a victim of terrorism or providing false information to obtain a security clearance.

• Aiding or abetting any of the above activities.

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Aproching within 100 yards of a naval vessal.

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Q: Which of these actions is a homeland security violation?
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