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they are only found in permanent magnets.

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Q: Which of these is true about lines of force?
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What electric line of force can touch?

the lines of force are not real. these lines of force are imaginary lines. so we can not touch it.

Are electric lines of force exterts force on magnetic lines of force?

No. They are are of different nature.

When lines of force are cut by a conductor you have?

when lines of force are cut by a conductor we have

What do you call the little things that show up the magnetic field?

Lines of force.Lines of force.Lines of force.Lines of force.

A magnet with many lines of force?

a magnet with many lines of force is STRONG

Where are the lines of force located on earth?

The lines of force are on the northern and southern poles

Magnetic lines of force are unaffected by paper glass or plastic true or false?

TrueWhen nonmagnetic materials such as paper, glass, wood or plastic are placed in a magnetic field, the lines of force are unaltered.According to Cha Cha which we know is always right. :)I can confirm this information because I had this same question for home work so I can confirm the answer is true.

True or false is force a push or pull?


is this statement true or falsePerpendicular lines are two lines that intersect at a 90° angle.?


What are the magnetic field lines around the earth known as?

Lines of magnetic force are a human device for imagining them. There are no lines as such. The lines we draw are contour lines, analogous to lines of equal force. As to your question, the Magnetosphere is possibly that which you seek.

A magnetic field is described by magnetic lines of?

Lines of Force

What do the lines around a bar magnet?

magnetic lines of force