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What is Dionysus' emblem?

the tiger

What is Saskatchewan's floral emblem?

tiger lily

Which animal chiefly forms the national emblem of India?

its the tiger

What is Tasmania's Mammal emblem?

Tasmania does not have an official mammal emblem.Its unofficial mammal emblem is the Tasmanian Devil, while the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, is on Tasmania's coat of arms.

Is the Tasmanian Devil the official animal emblem of Tasmania?

Tasmania does not have an official animal emblem but unofficially the Tasmanian Devil is commonly accepted as the emblem of this state. An alternative unofficial emblem is the Thylacine, commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, which is now extinct. The Thylacine was not a tiger but a carnivorous creature hunted to extinction by early European settlers.

What oil company used the phrase put a tiger in your tank in their advertising?

Exxon, although they were Esso at the time.

How do you get round 2 title and the tiger emblem on mw2?

just play and see

How do you unlock the tiger emblem on call of duty modern warfare 2?

2nd prestige

What company has an oval as its car emblem on its car?


What is the animal and bird emblem for Tasmania?

Tasmania, Australia's island state, does not have an official faunal or avian emblem. The Tasmanian Devil is the state's unofficial faunal emblem, and the Thylacine (also known as the Tasmanian Tiger) may also be regarded as an unofficial emblem.The Yellow Wattlebird, which is only found in Tasmania, is considered the unofficial avian (bird) emblem.

What company used the slogan Put a tiger in your tank?

ESSO. (Standard Oil, S. O. ESSO). Known today as Exxon. Not to be confused with Tony the Tiger, who was selling Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

What type of car has a bulldog emblem?

Amercan company Mack Trucks

What is the mining of put a tiger in your tank?

This is an old advertising slogan for ESSO, now EXXON oil company, John D. Rockefeller's old Standard Oil Company (S. O., ESSO). The idea was that ESSO gasoline was so good your mighty V-8 powered Detroit lead sled of a car would roar like a tiger with ESSO gas in the gas tank. Not to be confused with Tony the Tiger, who was pimping Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

What was the name of john d Rockefellers oil company?

Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil Company.

What company created the Pittsburgh Steelers emblem?

American Iron & Steel Institute

What company has a double crown emblem?

Double Crown Resources.....symbol is DDCC.

How to start a oil and gas company Can an oil and gas company become a part of a conglomerate company?

Yes, an oil and gas company can be part of a conglomerate.

What company has cheetah or leopard as a logo?

ford has a cougar as the emblem on the ford cougar car

What is Tasmania's animal emblem?

Up until May 2015, Tasmania had no official animal emblem. However, Governor Kate Warner announced the decision to make the Tasmanian Devil the official faunal emblem of the state, and this was announced on Sunday 31 May 2015. The Yellow Wattle bird is the unofficial avian (bird) emblem.

Humble Oil urged you to put a tiger in your tank. Humble was a division of what gas company which picked up the campaign itself?

Esso, which later became Exxon.

To know about terminus oil and gas company?

Terminus oil and gas company is the large company that supplying in oil and gas greece country.

What oil company monoploized Iran's oil?

British, specifically the AIOC, Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

What company is not an oil company?


What oil company bought wawa?

thought wawa was not owned by an oil company

Which US oil company did the BP Oil Company buy out?

arco and amoco