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Q: Which one is Pluto currently considered and why?
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What starting with P is the planet discovered by astronomer in 1930?

That's Pluto. Note that it is not currently considered a planet, but after it was discovered, it was generally considered to be one.

Why is Pluto not currently consered as a planet?

Its considered to be nothing but an asteroid that got stuck in orbit

Which planet is nearer Pluto?

Neptune is now considered the outermost planet, Pluto is the next one but it is no longer considered a planet.

Why isn't pluto currently considered a planet?

pluto isn`t currently consider as a planet today because in 2006 scinctist decided that pluto is too tiny to be planet and it has a weird orbit and it also isn`t that round to be a planet.But I still want it to be planet but what can i do anyway

Why is Pluto one of the outer planets not considered a Jovian planet?

because pluto is a dwarf planet

Is Pluto considered a gas?

No. Pluto is solid.

Why is Pluto no more considered in your solar system?

its not considered as a planet because it is cold an has one tempature

How long was Pluto considered one of the major planets?

From its discovery in 1930 until its degradation in 2006 Pluto was considered the solar system's ninth planet. Now it is considered a dwarf planet, and one of 5 official dwarf planets.

When was Pluto considered a major planet?

Pluto was considered a major planet from 1930 to 2006.

Why isn't Pluto considered a planted anymore?

Pluto is too small to be considered a planet

Are Pluto and its moon Charon are considered a double planet System?

Some consider it to be a double planet or, more properly, a double dwarf planet. However it is currently not officially considered as such.

What Is The Littlest Planet in The Solar System?

Currently, Mercury. Used to be Pluto, R.I.P. Pluto :(