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Which one is better the wind waker or spirit tracks?

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I would say The Wind Waker.

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Well the one in Wind Waker and spirit tracks do but I'm not sure about the others. I hope I helped. ~zelda

No, I don't believe so. Really, since each 'sequel' has it's own plot (though based off of the cel-shaded graphics of the Wind Waker game), their not really taking the Wind Waker all that far. Plus, Spirit Tracks isn't even based on the sea and using a boat on the sea.

They are actually (I'm assuming this is what you meant) in alternate timelines. The timelines became split after Ocarina of Time. Wind Waker (and Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks) are all on the "adult timeline". Twilight Princess is on the child timeline (after Majora's Mask(?))

Yes. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is its sequel. TLoZ Spirit Tracks is also supposedly going to be a sequel to Phantom Hourglass, but that won't be released until later.

You cannot get a slingshot in The Wind Waker

After the events of Wind waker and Phantom hourglass Tetra and Link found New Hyrule. Over 100 years later the new Zelda and Link are born. During this time chancellor Cole destroys the spirit tracks, chains meant to hold the demon king Malludus and they were re-purposed as train tracks. He then separates Zelda's spirit from her body leaving Link with a ghost of the princess. Together Link and Zelda travel across New Hyrule restoring the spirit tracks to prevent the resurrection of Malludus.

There is no super Deku leaft in Wind Waker.

After you beat the first Dungeon the boat will give you the Wind Waker. Go to the Shrine behind the Island your on and take out the Wind Waker. You should learn the song to control wind.

In the accepted Zelda timeline, Phantom Hourglass is after Wind Waker. When talking about release dates, Four Swords Adventures is after Wind Waker.

You can have three save files in The Wind Waker

hopefully If they do make a sequel, it will most likely be on the 3ds and feature toon link again. Nintendo has only made a remake of a Zelda game on the 3ds so far, but the system needs a new game. I predict it will look like wind waker instead of being an over-head view like in phantom hourglass and spirit tracks.

You get it in the wind temple

You cannot obtain the Ocarina of Tiime in The Wind Waker.

This is toon link he stars in wind waker, phantom hourglass and spirit tracks only this is 100 years after phantom hour glass, the real link we all know and love stars in The Ocorina of Time, but the twilight princess also has a link similar to that which is in ocarina of time only it takes place many many years after it so it cant be the same link.

it's the same as how do you beat the earth temple in wind waker

YES! Theres a "Link to the past" Zelda, a ocarina of time Zelda which appears in majora's mask and twilight princess, theres the "wind waker, phantom hourglass and spirit tracks" Zelda pretty much alot of Zelda's and links.

You can not play wind waker online. The only place you can play it is to buy the game, then use a Wii or a Gamecube to play it.

You can't play Wind Waker online. IT'S FOR GAMECUBE.

After you beat The Wind Waker and start the second time, you will keep your old clothes.

the wind waker is an inanimate object also its NOT IN TWILIGHT PRINCESS

Yes, a remake of The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker will be coming to Wii U, in October 2013.

Wind Waker is a retail Gamecube game and cannot be bought from the Wii shop.

GameCube or WiiU Since the Wii can play GameCube games, it can play The Wind Waker as well

Wind Waker takes place in the Great Sea, not Hyrule. Items are obtained from dungeons throughout the game.

In the the forbidden woods or in the wind temple.