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Oil is thicker than water

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Q: Which one is thicker water or oil?
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Why do items fall through water easier than oil?

Becaus oil is thicker and heavier than water

How a simple pendulum might be used to assist in geophysical exploration for locating oil?

the oil is thicker than water. if there's no water, no oil.

Is oil and water the same thing?

No. Oil is a thicker liquid than water, although it is lighter than it and floats on top of it.

Does cooking oil have a good viscosity?

Cooking oil has a semi-thick viscosity. It is thicker than water.

Why would it be harder for aquatic birds to swim in an oil spill then in water?

The oil is much thicker and stickier

Which is thicker oil 10w30 or 20w 50?

20W50 is the " thicker " oil

Which oil is thicker 10w or 5 w?

The higher the number the thicker the oil.

Which is more thicker water or cooking oil?

Olive oil is fairly dense and also pretty thick.

Does oil get thicker at high temps?

Engine oil does not get "thicker" at high temperatures it gets thinner.

How do you explain that dry ice sublimate faster in heated vegetable oil than in heated water?

The oil is thicker. The thicker oil holds its temperature longer. It resists change. The water, being thinner, changes temperature faster. Therefore, the dry-ice is in a hotter environment longer, which allows the reaction at a higher rate than the water after is has cooled a degree or more.

Why is coconut oil less dense than water though it is thicker than water?

Just because something is thicker than something does not mean it is more dense. Coconut oil may be more viscous than water, but it is less dense. Perhaps because of the strong hydrogen bonding in water, more mass is able to be packed per unit volume than in coconut oil.

How is soda thicker than water?

no one knows lol