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Sound requires matter as sound is the vibration of matter. Light is more complex as it is the giving off of photons from atoms.

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Q: Which one travels through matter only light or sound?
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Sound travels through which type of matter?

Sound travels through all matter.

What travels only through matter light waves sound waves or radio waves?

sound waves

Is sound considered matter?

No, sound travels through matter but is not matter itself.

Why is sound not a matter?

It is not a matter because it actually travels through matter (air)

What happens to matter when sound travels through it?

It vibrates.

Why do you think sound cannot travel through vacuum?

Sound travels by vibrating through matter (solid, liquid, gas) A vacuum is the absence of matter and with out matter there is nothing for sound to travel through

What kind of wave does sound travel through?

Sound travels through matter as transverse pressure waves.

Does sound or light travel faster through water?

Light travels much faster than sound, through wood.

What wave travels through only matter?

Sound waves. No medium (matter) to carry it, no sound.

What types of matter does sound travel through?

Sound travels through all matter but some materials either absorb sound, reflect sound, or just slow sound down.

What wave that travels through matter produced by a vibrating object?


Can you hear sound without matter?

no because sound travels through matter so the other person wouldn't hear you