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Unfortunately there aren't many colleges yet that accept international applicants for online education

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Q: Which online colleges accept international applicants?
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What colleges accept Southeastern High school online diplomas?

none! sadly

Where can one apply for online nursing classes?

In the world of internet today, there are a lot of online universities and colleges that admit nursing applicants. Some of them are Waldenu, Chamberlain, Excite and NursingCAS.

Which colleges in Georgia accept an online diploma from Penn Ford High school?

Emirtaes aviation college do accept pennford hihg school diplom

What online instructor jobs are available?

Many job boards list online instructor jobs. Most jobs listed are for instructors at online colleges or colleges that offer online classes. The positions are pooled positions. That means that one is placed into a group of qualified applicants and employers will hire only from the pool as needed.

What colleges will accpt cornerstone diploma?

are there any colleges that will accept cornerstone diploma's

Is pennford online high school accedited at most collages?

Usually colleges do not provide accreditation to other colleges or schools. Accreditation is provided by accreditation agencies. Most colleges accept accredited high school diplomas, degrees and certifications. Pennford is an accredited online school so yes it is recognized by most colleges.

Does anyone have experience with online high schools?

Online schools can be great for a child like yours, but they are not too well submerged in education yet. Some colleges will not accept a diploma from an online high school.

Does American International University have a good online program?

Schools like AIU and University of Phoenix have good online programs, but they are expensive. You might want to check with local community colleges in your area first to see what they offer. Many community colleges and universities have online classes.

What colleges in Virginia are online?

Many colleges in Virginia and you can access many national colleges online as well. A few Virginia colleges that are online are Virginia College, Strayer University, and South University online.

What is the best online degree to strive for if I want to be a police officer in my city?

It is best to call the specific department that you are considering. Some departments will not accept online degrees. They often want colleges with specific accreditations.

What online college will let a person graduate online as a graphics designer?

Some of the online colleges where a person can graduate as a graphics designer are: International Academy of Design and Technology, Bryant & Stratton College, and Herzing University.

Where can people get resources on online training class?

There are many different colleges that offer online training classes. Some of the colleges are business colleges and some junior colleges. You would have to visit any one of those colleges online.