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Vocal Chords?

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Q: Which organ vibrates in the throat when you speak?
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Why do you say that the lungs work like a train station?

because you throat vibrates when you sing or speak

What vibrates when a person speak?

The vocal cords (in the throat) vibrate. Longer and thicker ones, as men have, produce deeper sounds.

What structure vibrates in your throat when it vibrates to make sounds?

Vocal Chords

When you talk what vibrates in your throat?

Vocal Chords

Which part of your body vibrates when you speak?

your vocal cords

What is an organ whose powerful muscles move food to the back of the throat?

The tongue is the organ that moves food to the back of the throat. The tongue also serves a function in detection of tastes.

What area in the body vibrates and makes sounds when air passes?

These are commonly called the vocal cords (Membranes) which are located in the throat.

What is the pharnx?

a pharnx is a digesteve organ in your throat. it is releted to the anus poo

What organ makes dogs yodel?

vocal cords? and vibration of the throat?

What vibrates in your throat?

Your throat vibrates when you talk because your "talking box" goes up a tube through your mouth to your tongue and hits against your throat. It creates a feeling of something moving up and down your throat, vibrating. This motion causes the vibration of your throat. Also, because sound is created from vibrations, if there weren't any vibrations, you wouldn't be talking or making any kind of sound(s). Hope this helped!

When we speak of the nasal organ we mean the?


Anatomy and physiology of ear eye nose throat?

ear is the organ that detects sounds. eyes is organ that allowed you to see thing.