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gesture, disadter

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Q: Which pair of words in one art creates a less traditional type of rhyme?
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Which best describes the difference between the effects of slant rhyme and perfect rhyme?

Slant rhyme usually feels subtler and less loud. -apex

Would a word that ends in ness rhyme with princess?

Some words that rhyme with ness: cess. fess. jess. less. mess.

Is it true that people that are generally less intelligent can rhyme words easier than generally more intelligent people?

There is no definitive evidence to suggest that less intelligent people can rhyme words easier than more intelligent people. Rhyming ability is a skill that can vary among individuals regardless of their intelligence level. Factors such as exposure to language, vocabulary, and practice can all influence a person's ability to rhyme words.

What should you put at the end of each line to show the rhyme scheme?

Traditionally the words that rhyme are at the end of the line. You need not put any punctuation or marks unless you using slashes to take up less space.

Is cardboard the best thing for the environment and if not what is?

cardboard is good, as it is mostly recycled material. Also, LED lights and florescent bulbs are good. Use less energy, and last longer then traditional bulbs. So it creates less waste.

Which of the statements is not true aboutthe use of rhyme in poetry?

The statement "Rhyme must always occur at the end of a line" is not true. Rhyme can occur at the end of lines (end rhyme) or within a single line (internal rhyme). Rhyme can also be less strict, such as slant rhyme or eye rhyme.

What rhymes with lioness?

There are no single words for the rhyme. You can only rhymes the last syllable:EmpressDepressmessblessconfessor words ending with: 'ness', 'less' etc... for example: heartless, pitiless, homeless, sadness, happiness... etcor just link to words likeMayan dressScion press

What rhymes with hollowness?

Some words that rhyme with "hollowness" are loneliness, closeness, and boldness.

List three core attributes of traditional republicanism?

Less Taxes Less Government Traditional American Values.

What rhymes with smoothness?

sootheboothtoothbluetoothdog toothsaber-toothsawtoothgag toothTruthTooth does NOT rhyme with smooth, the 'th' at the end is pronounced quite differentlyBooth, Groove.boozecruiselooseooze

What is a failed rhyme?

A failed rhyme occurs when two words in a poem or lyric are supposed to rhyme but don't actually sound alike. This can disrupt the flow of the piece and make it less effective or enjoyable to read or listen to.

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