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Bounty. I did a lab test over it.

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Q: Which paper towels is the strongest when wet?
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What paper towels are the strongest?

viva or bounty

What are the three strongest brands of paper towels?

The strongest brands of paper towel are Brawny, Bounty, and Marcel

What does hot water do to paper towels?

It makes the towels hot and wet.

What paper towel rips when it is wet?

The paper towel that is strongest when wet is BOUNTY !

Are paper towels easier to rip when wet?


Which paper towel brand is strongest when wet?


Are Viva Paper Towels good for use while wet?

Viva Paper Towels has many great and wonderful uses. You can definitely use them while they are wet and they do an excellent job. I use them all the time to clean.

What is the history of viva paper towels?

tree bark paper towels are made from paper pulp

What does Bounty boast about their paper towels?

Bounty claims that their paper towels are more absorbent than those of the competing brands. Bounty also claims that their paper towels are stronger than other brands, holding up better while wet.

Are quilted paper towels more absorbent than regular paper towels?

Yes ! Because the waves hold the paper together when wet more effectively than normal paper towel where the water would just run off.

What type of paper towels absorb best?

Bounty does, because when you make the paper towel is wet it practically sucks it out of thin air.

Does viva paper towels test their paper towels as much as their competition?

Viva paper towels do not test their paper towels as much as their competition do. Brands like Bounty test their paper towels more than Viva paper towels.