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north side.

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Q: Which part of Milwaukee is ghetto?
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Does Milwaukee have enough or too little public order?

Milwaukee has more than enough public order, provided you stay out of the ghetto...It's a great town.

What is a segregated part of town?


What part of speech is Ghetto?


What is the ghetto part of new york?

The Bronx.

Is Mexico ghetto?

Yes, every place has a ghetto part. the whole place ain't just perfect theres always a part that's a mess.

Was there a gangland in Racine?

Ya it was about gd in Chicago and Milwaukee but they talked about Racine and showed a video of the ghetto over by st. Cats high and matrangas

How do you use the word ghetto in a sentence?

During World War II, Jewish people were often relocated to the ghetto. (???)

What is the real definition fo a ghetto?

A ghetto is part of a large city usually inhabited by members of the same minority group, as a little 'bastion' of their own.

Where was the ghetto set up in?

the ghetto - or Jewish quarter was generally set up (where possible) in a non-Jewish part of town, so that they would not have access to their religious buildings.

What is a gheeto?

A ghetto is usually referring to the holocaust when the Jews were persecuted and put into walled off areas where they had to live. so basically a ghetto is a walled off part of a town.

What part of speech is the word Milwaukee?

Well Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a place, so it would be a proper noun.

What happened to the Warsaw Ghetto in January 1945?

The Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed at the end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in April 1943. The site (or part of it) was later used as a concentration camp, but very little is known about it. By January 1945 the Soviet Army was in Warsaw.