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Wind, water, chemical, temperature changes,

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Q: Which physical process weathers rock
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What is the process through which oxygen weathers a rock?


Oxygen weathers rock through a process called?


Produce weak acid that weathers rock physical or chemical?


What is the name o the natural process that weathers rock using wind water or ice?

chemicals and wether

How weathers chemically weathers rock?

Oxygen in the air and acids.

What process can lead to a large rock becoming a sedimentary rock?

The large rock weathers. Its particles are eroded to a place of deposition. The particles are compacted and cemented together, forming a new sedimentary rock. This is a simplified explanation of the process.

What type of rock weathers the fastest?

Sedimentary rock weathers the fastest and easiest

What can affect the rate at whick a rock weathers?

Rocks weather due to physical changes. They can also weather as a result of chemical processes. Things that can affect the rate at which a rock weathers includes weather conditions. Rocks can decompose due to wind and water. The more intense the weather conditions, the more progressive the weathering process will be.

What rock weathers very slowly?

igneous rock

What is the effect of water freezes in the cracks in rock?

The rock cracks and weathers.

How can waves turn rock to sand?

Over time the rock weathers.

What weathers schist?

Water and wind are the primary weathering forces. There can also be some erosion by rock-to-rock contact, knocking pieces of the schist apart (can't remember the name for this process.