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Which planet rotates in retrograde motion?

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Uranus and Venus are the two planets in our solar system that have a retrograde rotation. All of the planets orbit the Sun.

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This planet rotates by retrograde motion?


The planet rotates by retrograde motion?


What is it called when a planet rotates counterclockwise?

Retrograde motion.

What planet has no satellites and a retrograde revolution?

Venus has no natural satellites and retrograde motion (orbits opposite direction it rotates).

What is the only planet that rotates?

All planets rotate. Some rotate in a retrograde motion compared to Earth. Venus and Uranus rotate in a retrograde motion.

The only planet that rotates clockwise?

There are two planets that rotate clockwise, i.e. with retrograde motion; Venus and Uranus.

Which planet rotates by retrograde motion?

All planets orbit the sun in the direction that the sun is rotating. There are actually two planets that rotate by retrograde motion and are exceptions to this rule. These planets are Venus and Uranus.

What is the planet that rotates by retrograde motion?

Actually, 3 planets rotate in a retrograde motion, which, by the way, means that they rotate East to West, or in a counterclockwise motion. Most planets rotate in a clockwise direction, or West to East. The three planets that rotate in a retrograde motion are Venus, Uranus and Pluto.venus

What planet rotates in the opposite direction from most other planets and moons?

Venus and Uranus rotate in what is called retrograde motion.

What planet has retrograde motion?


What is retrograde motion as applied to a planet?

The "apparent" reverse or backwards motion of a planet as observed from Earth. The innermost planets appear to have a retrograde motion when viewed from Earth.

What is retrograde spin?

In astronomy retrograde is essentially a fancy astronomical way of saying backward/ opposite rotational spin. A body is said to have retrograde motion when it rotates in a direction opposite to the body it orbits. I.E. The Sun rotates counterclockwise. Venus has retrograde motion in relation to the Sun because it rotates clockwise.In astrology retrograde refers to the apparent backward motion of a body in the sky due to the Earth overtaking it in orbit about the Sun. Retrograde planets are said to express themselves more internally in a natal chart and in transit indicate periods when the affairs they relate to may resurface to be resolved at a later period when the planet goes direct.

What planet rotates by retrograde motion?

Both Venus and Uranus have a retrograde axial spin, they rotate clockwise when viewed from above their north pole. All of the other planets rotate anticlockwise (counter clockwise).

What is it when a planet rotates the opposite way earth does?

That is called retrograde rotation.

What is the planet that rotates backward?

Both Venus and Uranus have retrograde rotation.

When a superior planet is in the middle of its retrograde motion what planetary configuration is it in?

Superior planets are in opposition when in the middle of their retrograde motion.

The planet that has an unusual rotation?

Venus has retrograde rotation (rotates in opposite direction)

What planet spins backwards on it axis?

Venus rotates clockwise in "retrograde" rotation

What are the planets with retrograde rotation?

Venus, Uranus and the dwarf planet Pluto rotate in a retrograde motion.

Which planet has retrograde rotation?

Retrograde rotation - From the Latin word "moving backwards" Retrograde rotation states that the planet Venus is the only planet in our solar system to move in an opposite rotation direction Uranus is a planet that rotates north to south do to the fact that it was most likely hit by a asteroid but this is not retrograde rotation

The apparent westward movement of a planet is known as?

retrograde motion.

What is the spinning motion of a planet from east to west called?


What planet has a moon that exhibits retrograde motion?


How did Copernicus explain the retrograde motions of the planets?

All the models explain retrograde motion because it is such an obvious phenomenon. In Copernicus's model an outer planet goes into retrograde motion when the inner planet overtakes it so that it appears from the inner planet to be going backwards along the ecliptic.

When a planet that appears to spin counterclockwise when viewed from its north pole has what kind of rotation?

Any planet, moon or object that rotates in the opposite to us (Well we have to have a common denominator) is said to be in retrograde rotation (or retrograde motion) But most objects in the solar system appear to spin counterclockwise when viewed from above the north pole, so this is normal rotation, not retrograde.