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Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the solid planets. Such planets are called terrestrial.

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What are the four solid planets made of?

these planets are small rock solid planets.

The first four outer planets do not have solid?

All the outer planets probably have solid cores. However, they do not havewhat we call a solid surface.Incidentally, there are only four outer planets altogether.There are only 4 "outer planets". They do not have a solid surface.

Is it possible to transform gas planets into solid planets?

Swarms of self replicating robotics machines may be able to transform gas planets into solid planets

Why are the terrestrial planets solid?

terrestrial means a planet that is solid and not a gas giant, however even the solid planets have liquid interiors.

Which planets is a solid planet?

well mercury, venus, earth , and mars are solid planets. then there is the asteroid belt that seperates the solids from the gas planets.

What are the solid objects orbiting the planets called?

I think the solid objects which orbit planets are called Satellites :)

How many planets are not solid?

4 planets in our solar system are not solid, and are commonly referred to as the Gas Giants.

What are the four solid planets?

They're not usually referred to as solid planets, but the four inner, rocky planets (also known as the terrestrial planets) are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

What do jovian planets not have?

Jovian Planets do not have a solid surface to stand on.

Can gas planets have craters?

No. Gas planets do not have solid surfaces.

Do planets have craters?

All planets with solid surfaces have craters.

Are earthquakes possible on other planets?

Yes, but only on SOLID planets, not on gas planets.

All the solid planets?

The four inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are the solid planets of the solare system, comprised mostly of iron and rock.

Why are the inner planets solid while the outer planets are gaseous?

Bill Gates hired moon shovelers to transport all the solid matter to closer planets.

What is a list of the main differences between the Jovian and Terrestrial planets?

The jovian planets have no solid ground just compressed gases the terrestrial planets have solid ground. The Jovian planets are named gas giants because they are farther then the sun and are not solid and the terrestrial planets are closer to the sun and do not have as much gases.

Why are inner planets called rock planets?

They have solid surfaces composed of rock.

What type of stars form planets?

None Stars are gas Planets are solid

What makes the Outer planets different than Inner?

The inner planets are made up of solid materials and the outer planets are made up of gases that in the middle of the planet they are compressed to a solid.

Terrestrial and jovian planets?

Terrestrial planets are the solid planets like Earth and Mars. Jovian planets are those gas planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

Is the planet Mercury a solid or a gas?

It is a solid, as it is one of the terrestrial (rocky) planets

Why are the solid planets closest to the sun?

The gas planets would evaporate in extreme heat

Which planets have solid surfaces?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have solid surfaces while the other 4 major planets in our solar system are gases.

Which planets are solid and which are gas?

Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars are mainly solid. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are called "gas giant" planets.

What are rocky planets?

The Rocky planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are all the planets with a solid surface made of rock.

Why are mercuryvenusearthand Mars inner planets?

They are the closest planets to the sun. The outer planets are all gas giants. The inner planets are all mainly solid.

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