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Srilankan Cricketer Jayasuriya has scored maximum (34) ducks in odi cricket..

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Q: Which player has scored maximum of ducks in odi cricket?
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Who has scored the highest number of ducks in international test cricket?

Courtney Walsh of West Indies has scored the highest number of ducks in Test Cricket with 43 ducks in 185 innings.

Which batsman has scored the most ducks in the cricket world cup?

Nathan Astle(Aus)5 ducks.

Which cricketer has scored the maximum ducks?

BS Chandrashekhar of India

Which Indian batsman has scored maximum number of ducks in world cups?

Kris Srikanth

Who has the most ducks in the history of cricket?

The holder of the most ducks ever scored in one season of cricket is Robert Hawkes. He plays for Bapchild and in one season recorded 41 ducks including 17 golden ducks, three primary ducks and a duck that took him 60 balls to aquire. He attends Borden Grammar school and is also a keen footballer and scored 12 own goals in a season. He is a goalkeeper.

Cricket player who out on 0 most times?

According to Wikipedia, the player who has garnered the most ducks (dismissals for nought) in Test Cricket is Courtney Walsh of the West Indies (with 43 ducks). Reg Parks currently holds the record for the most ducks in First-Class cricket with 156.

Which Indian batsman has scored the most ducks in the Cricket World Cup?

The greatest number of ducks by an Indian batsman in the Cricket World Cup is 4, by Kris Srikkanth, achieved between 1983 and 1992. These four ducks were achieved in 23 World Cup matches. Indian batsman Javagal Srinath, who played 34 matches in Cricket World Cups between 1992 and 2003, scored three ducks in 18 innings. In spite of this greater number of innings played and greater number of ducks scored by Srikkanth, he maintains a higher World Cup batting average than Srinath.

Which player has maximum number of one day ducks?

Sanath Jayasuriya

Which cricketer has scored the greatest number of ducks in One Day International cricket?

The leader for the most number of ducks in One Day Internatoinal cricket matches is Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya, who in 444 One Day Internationals hit 34 ducks. Jayasuriya occupies third place on the number of centuries in One Day International cricket, with 28 hundreds, and a highest score of 189.

Which player has the most zero in one day cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka with 34 ducks.

Who has maximum no of ducks?

i do

Which cricter scored most ducks in world cup?

NJ Astle from New Zeland scored most ducks in world cup.

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