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Q: Which primaries were declared unconstitutional in 2000?
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Can actions by a president be declared unconstitutional?

no it can not be unconstitutional

When was slavery declared unconstitutional in the United States of America?

When was slavery declared unconstitutional in the united States of America?

Which High Court declared first that 'Bandha' are unconstitutional?

Kerala High Court in 1997 declared that bandhs are unconstitutional.

The supreme court ruled that blanket primaries were unconstitutional because they violated what?

the right of association

How did the Supreme Court block Franklin D roosevelts new deal polici?

It declared several key programs unconstitutional.

If you are not consistent with the Constitution what are you?

Then you or it is declared Unconstitutional.

Was redistricting after a census declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1964?

Redistricting was not declared unconstitutional in the 1963 case Gray v. Sanders. It was after that.

Treaties can be?

Declared unconstitutional by the supreme court

Was the agricultural adjustment administration declared unconstitutional?

Yes it was declared unconstitutional. It was felt like it invaded areas of the rights of the U.S Constitution and the 10th amendment.

What was the second occasion when S.C.O.T.U.S declared an act of Congress unconstitutional?

After the Dread Scott case the Supreme Court declared the Missouri Compromise of 1820 unconstitutional

If an act is declared unconstitutional in one case should it be held unconstitutional in all cases?


Can laws be declared unconstitutional?

Yes, laws can be declared unconstitutional by a court. This typically happens when a court determines that a law violates the constitution or an individual's constitutional rights. When a law is declared unconstitutional, it is no longer valid and cannot be enforced.