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Separation of powers.

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Q: Which principle of the constitution was influenced by john locke?
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Who Influenced the creation of the U.S. Constitution?

John Locke

The system checks and balances in the US constitution was influenced by the ideas of which enlightenment thinker?

John Locke

Which idea expressed in the us constitution was influenced by the declaration of independence?

john locke

Who influenced the Farmers in developing the Constitution?

John Locke's Two treaties of government

Who or what influenced our founding fathers when writing the Constitution?

John Locke, mostly. He stole the ideas from a lot of other philosophers but he is the one credited with the influence for the Constitution.

What documents in American politics are influenced by John Locke?

the constitution and declaration of independence

Who influenced the writers of the Constitution he also wriote the Two Treatises of Government?

John Locke

How did John Locke do?

He influenced us during the Enlightenment and was part of the constitution of the United States of America.

What movement influenced the authors of the Constitution?

The Enlightenment is the movement that most influenced the architects of the U.S. Constitution. It was also influenced by state constitutions, John Locke's two treatises of government, Virginia's royal charter, and British tradition.

It can be assumed that John Locke agreed with what principle of the US democracy system?

I think you have it backwards, but that the United States democracy is based on the philosophy of Locke so the constitution agreed with Locke.

Which philosopher was influenced by the glorious revolution?

john Locke

Why was John Locke's work so important?

John Locke was the first to think of the natural rigths a man or woman is born with. He influced Thomas Jefferson and a lot of his ideas influenced the US Constitution