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palm beach state.

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Q: Which school is better broward college or palm beach state college?
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Is pompano beach high school a magnet school?

Yes, I am a Freshman at Pompano Beach High School. It is a magnet school (International Affairs) It has no school on Fridays and is the best school in all of broward country, florida.

When was New Times Broward-Palm Beach created?

New Times Broward-Palm Beach was created in 1997.

What counties are in Southeast Florida?

palm beach broward and dade

This beach formerly known as the colored beach was the only beach open to blacks in Broward County until the 1960s what is it's name today?

dania beach, fl

This beach formerly known as the Colored Beach was the only beach open to blacks in Broward until the 1960s. What is it's name today?

Virginia Key Beach was the former "colored only beach". It was accesible only by boat.

Where Is Pompano beach Florida?

Pompano Beach, Florida is located in Broward County. North of Miami, on the east coast of Florida. Its the best city ever. (I live there) =]

What is the area code for Pompano Beach Florida?

Pompano Beach is in Broward County, Florida, which uses telephone area code 954 with overlay code 754.

Which is better- Miami beach or Myrtle beach?

Miami Beach is better than Myrtle Beach

What are the entrance requirements for Palm Beach Community College?

You need a High school diploma or GED or have passed a home school program approved by the college and a Florida residency statement, these are the requirements listed on the admissions home page.

When was Long Beach City College created?

Long Beach City College was created in 1927.

When was Palm Beach State College created?

Palm Beach State College was created in 1933.

When was The Beach School created?

The Beach School was created in 2003.