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Which scientist discovered gravity?

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The scientist who discovered gravity?

Isaac Newton discovered gravity. Newton actually discovered gravity by studying comets, not apples falling from a tree.

What scientist is said to have discovered gravity with the help of an apple?

Isaac Newton discovered gravity with the help of an apple.

Which scientist discovered the laws of gravity and inertia?


Who is Isaac Newton and what did he discover?

he was a scientist. he discovered gravity.

What scientist first discovered the principle of gravity?

Issac Newton

Which scientist discovered the Laws of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

What English scientist discovered the law of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

What is an English scientist who discovered gravity and the laws of motion?

Isaac newton

Where was the English scientist who discovered gravity born?

isaac newton and abdullah amir

Who is the British scientist that discovered gravity?

Gravity was discovered not by a British scientist, but by the first living thingthat had a brain and fell down.Sir Isaac Newton was the British genius thinker who captured the entire natureand behavior of gravity in the formulaF = G M1M2/R2

Who is a scientist who can expound on forces center of gravity and acceleration?

The scientist who can expound on the forces, center of gravity and acceleration is Sir Isaac Newton, the English physicist who discovered the force of gravity.

Mathematician who discovered the law of gravity?

I suspect you are searching for the British scientist Isaac Newton.

What is the name of the Engllish scientist who discovered many things about gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

Why is Isaac Newton a great scientist?

yes hes a great scientist. cuz he discovered gravity. also look up the law of gravity. he sucked me up too-marian elizabeth may19,1863.

Which scientist understood that gravity was the force or attraction between 2 masses?

Sir Isaac Newton. He was a Theoretical Physicist who discovered gravity and its attractions.

What scientist is associated withe an apple falling from a tree?

Issac Newton as he discovered gravity with apples falling from a tree.

When and who discovered gravity?

Sir Issac Newton, who discovered gravity, was a mathematician And A physicist...He Discovered Gravity In 1665

Did Albert Einstein know about gravity?

Yes, gravity was discovered by British scientist Isaac Newton in 1686, and Albert Einstein was alive in the 20th century, so gravity had been known about for hundreds of years.

What ativements did Sir Isaac Newton do?

he discovered gravity he discovered gravity

When was gravity discovered?

Gravity was discovered in 1650 by Sir Isaac Newton.

When did gravity get discovered?

Gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in 1650.

Why did Sir Isaac Newton become a scientist?

He wanted to investigate gravity and its affects after an apple fell on his head, wondering what caused the apple to fall and go towards the ground, he discovered gravity.

Who was the scientist that discovered gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered it. One day he was sitting under a tree probably reading and then an apple fell on his head and he asked himself a question that might sound silly today but in his time it was a pretty decent question. He did some research and tests and after gravity was discovered

When Did scientist discovered the ozone hole?

Scientists discovered the ozone hole in the 1985. It was discovered by the scientist Joe Farman.

When was the gravity officially discovered?

Gravity was officially discovered by Sir Isac Newton.