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Q: Which season is described in this passage?
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Which slave described the horrors of the middle passage?

Olaudah Equiano is a well-known enslaved African who described the horrors of the middle passage in his autobiography "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano." He provided a detailed account of the brutal conditions on the slave ships during the transatlantic journey.

What are some of the uses for gold described in the passage?

Finances, Investing, Dentistry, Medicine, Medals,Statues

What substances that readily permit the passage of x rays are described as?


Which former slave described the horrors of the Middle Passage in a book?

Olaudah Equiano

Which of these terms is described in the reading passage?

We cannot read your mind to see the passage you are supposed to be reading yourself. We also cannot see any terms.

The passage she was a large women with a large purse is an example of?

That shows a character being described.

What type of bias is the author displaying in the passage?

Every product is described with lavish praise.

For those Africans who were sold into slavery the middle passage can be best described as?

the gruesome ocean voyage to America.

Ask us anythingWhich word best depicts Dr. Lanyon's condition as it is described in the passage?


What is a tedious book passage called?

A tedious book passage is often referred to as being long-winded or verbose. It may also be described as being overly lengthy or verbose.

The motivation for the migration described in the passage is primarily?

Economic- apex

Which development of the industrial revolution was most responsible for the conditions described in the passage?

The increase in the use of coal as a source of heat and energy