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The three angles of a triangle are always equal to 180°, if not equal to 180° then it is not a triangle.

No. An isosceles right triangle is a special case. There are many right triangles which are not isosceles.

an equiangular triangle (and by definition, equilateral triangles are always equiangular too)

Yes - in the case of triangles in Euclidian geometry. That is, basically triangles in a plane.

A quadrilateral has four sides. Triangles have three sides.

An isosceles triangle has at least two congruent sides. An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides. So, an equilateral triangle is a special case of isosceles triangles. Since the equilateral triangle has three congruent sides, it satisfies the conditions of isosceles triangle. So, equilateral triangles are always isosceles triangles. Source:

for a triangle to be an isosceles triangle, two of its sides and its corresponding angle must be equal. all isosceles triangles have at least one line of symmetry

In an isosceles triangle, two angles, and therefore sides (Base Angle Theorem), are congruent. This does not mean that all isosceles triangles are also right triangles - there is only one (45, 45, 90 triangle).

Nope sorry, a Rhombus will be split into 2 isosceles triangles and 1 equilateral triangle.

No. A triangle with 2-inch sides is not congruent with a triangle with 3-inch sides.

None. A quadrilateral cannot be similar to any triangle.

It's true that an obtuse triangle is never right because obtuse triangles are bigger than right triangles, which are 90 degrees. Obtuse Triangles are always bigger than Right triangles(90 degrees) , so It is true.

This particular theorem states that the sum of the squares of the two sides of a triangle always equals to the square of the hypotenuse or the biggest side of the triangle. It applies only to right triangles. Right triangles have only one right angle and is always opposite to the hypotenuse.

The sum of the 3 angles of a triangle will ALWAYS equal 180 degrees.

No, not all triangles have a 90 degree angle, so not all are perpendicular.

No. A triangle is similar to one that is twice its size but the two are not congruent.

yes, a polygon with 3 sides is a triangle, always

The three angles of a triangle ALWAYS add up to 180 degrees

Normaly yes but they can take the form of an isosceles or an equilateral triangle

If you mean an isosceles triangle then no because all triangles have no diagonals

Yes, all the angles of an equilateral triangle are always 60 degrees.

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