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Q: Which sentence uses proper MLA styling to cite the quoted text?
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What is a sentence for the word cite?

Cite the reference carefully. He will cite the professor's article in his report.

How do you use cite and site in a sentence?

i have found a site to cite

How do you use cite in a sentence?

"The teacher told the students to cite their sources for their report."

How do you cite a quoted question?

The question (including the question mark) should be placed in quotation marks.

What make up a good sentence for the word Cite?

A good sentence with cite used can be :The letters offer no reasons why or how the companies may have misled shareholders other than to cite a Federal Court decision that says.

How could you cite a sentence?

tell it it won the lottery

What is CITES?

if your talking about citing for a school class, it is when you quote a sentence or passage froma website, and you put that sentence in quotation marks, then put the author of the article's last name and the page number

A sentence for the word cite?

When you write about a court case, you must follow a very specific format when you cite the judge's ruling, or cite any of the other papers associated with the case.

How do you cite a quote in a book that did not come from the author?

It is not quite clear what you mean ... If you are thinking of the kind of situation where one source is quoted by another, use something along these lines: Weinstein (1955), as quoted by Smithaars (2007: 141).

Is it plagiarism if you copy a sentence from an article and then put it in your own research paper but cite where you got it?

As long as you cite your source, it is not considered plagiarism. But most teachers do not allow you to copy a page, even if you cite it.

How do you write a title of a song in a sentence?

The proper way to cite the title of a song in a sentence is to put the title in quotation marks. You would also put articles, essays, TV episode titles, and book chapters in quotation marks. Conversely, to cite other things in a sentence such as books and magazines, websites, TV shows, paintings, and plays, you would need to italicize instead.

What is a sentence using the word exerpt?

I would like to cite your excerpt in my manuscript.