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Q: Which sententence had the wrong tone for the paragraph?
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What four elements must be in a paragraph?

A topic sententence; supporting sentences; a conclusion sentence (clincher)

How do you write editor's note?

1 paragraph reveal topic with a personal tone 2 paragraph facts+ examples paragraph" " ^ paragraph" " ^ paragraph call to action a definite stance

Is this statement true or false The tone changes in this paragraph?

Without knowing the contents of that paragraph, we can't tell.

How do you use irresponsible in sententence?

He was irresponsible when he did not do his lesson on time.

Can you put the word plentifully in a sententence?

I have pooped plentifully.

Which page has the tone of the hunger game?

Each page and paragraph has the author's tone in it; however, the tone can range from happy, tranquil, anxious, scared, angry, etc.

What is the central idea of the first paragraph of this essay, and where does it appear?

no you can get the idea is in the body of the paragraph and in the climax

What kind of tone does Holden Caulfield establish in the first paragraph?

A tone of discontent.Now get off the internet and stop trying to get answers out of us.Phony.

What rhetorical strategies does Dumas employ in paragraph 2 to establish a lively conversational tone?

In paragraph 2, Dumas employs rhetorical strategies such as the use of personal pronouns ("I" and "we"), direct address to the reader ("my friends"), and casual language ("chat away"), creating a sense of intimacy and engagement. By inviting the reader to imagine being part of the conversation, Dumas establishes a lively and inclusive tone that enhances the connection between the writer and the audience.

A topic sentence provides what to a paragraph?

A topic sentence provides the main idea or the central point of a paragraph. It sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph and gives readers a clear idea of what to expect.

Where are topic sentences found in a paragraph?

A topic sentence is usually found at the beginning of a paragraph. It provides a brief overview of the main point or idea that will be discussed in the paragraph. This sentence helps to guide the reader and set the tone for the rest of the paragraph.

What is persuasive paragraph and how will i know if a paragraph is a persuasive paragraph?

A persuasive Paragraph is a paragraph that tries to get you or the reader to do something. A persuasive paragraph will usually include your topic, three or four reasons why, and then how you perform the action. They sometimes include an opinion against it but they always tell you why the reason is wrong.