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APL concept 1 or 2

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Q: Which shoes make a altheltic jump the highest?
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Do basketball shoes make you jump higher?

no it's your jumping abilities

Do nike shoes make you jump higher?

They have small rocket engines in them.

Does apl shoes make you jump higher?

No shoe can make you jump higher or run faster. The shoe companies would like you to think they can so they charge you a lot for a pair of shoes, but all you have is an expensive pair of shoes that do nothing more than cover your feet like other shoes do.

Do basketball shoes make you jump high?

yes it does but not always depends what kind you have

What basketball shoes that make you taller?

No, basketball shoes do not make you jump higher. They are meant to keep your ankles safe from the constant changing of direction that occurs in basketball. Some shoes may claim to help you jump higher, but that is just a way for them to sell shoes. If you want to jump higher, there are plenty of drills you can find by searching Google that will help improve your jumping specifically for basketball.

Do volleyball shoes improve your jump?

Answer 1: No. I'd say they're just a waste of money, because 'regular' tennis shoes are just the same. It's you, and your body that make you jump, not the shoes. Okay so my answer is Yes and no. Depending on what shoe you get I guess. I'm not saying that court shoes magically lift you off the ground, but depending on the weight of your shoes it can make the difference. Some court shoes are super light, and feel like you don't have anything on your feet. Some are really heavy, I find that Adidas shoes are of that kind. So because tennis shoes are usually pretty heavy, court shoes could make your feet feel less clunky and more light.

Do the Nike Hyperdunk Basketball shoes make you jump higher just like the APL Concept 1 shoes that were banned from the NBA?

yes it does, I tried it and now i can grab rim

Does Denzel Washington have a shoe line?

His shoe line is called "Blocs", an urban knock-off of the line "Crocs". He guarantees, the shoes will make you run faster & jump higher.

How do you make a jump shot?

You run and then you jump and stop then jump and shoot.

Can scorpins jump?

yes then can jump as when they sting they jump to make the sting connect :)

Where shoes came from?

from the factories that make shoes

What is sliding shoes?

shoes...that make you slide...