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war starts with this side having best generals at the start of the civil war?


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This is a matter of opinion, but the South probably had the better generals at the start of the Civil War.

There is always a debate on how many generals there were in the Civil War. Both sides in the war had militia so for the purpose of this question let only count the generals that were properly appointed or nominated. For the Union side there was 564 generals, and for the Confederate side there were 401.

The Union Army had more people in the start of the Civil War, also they has rail roads The Confederacy had better generals and was better at fighting Hoped this helped ;)

There were several generals from the Union side that were replaced because they weren't accomplishing what Lincoln wanted.

To defat the other side. To find Generals that were able to win battles. To gain military control of the East Coast, and of the mid-west.

The Confederates. Lee and both the Johnstons outclassed Grant and Sherman. But they were badly led by their President, and suffered from the many drawbacks built into the Confederate effort.

At the start of the game, you can select your General just as you select which side you wish to play for.

25 Generals Who were they and what side did they serve on?

Robert E. Lee (confederacy, South) and Ulysses S. Grant (union, North)

There was no "good side" in the civil war. There are no good or bad people. People just do what they think is best.

On an overall basis the trend in ages among US Civil War generals trended downwards. Because of retirement, resignations, and casualties the ages of generals on both sides trended downwards for both sides in the conflict. The ages of these generals at the beginning of the war were almost identical. Early in war the average ages drifted to between 43.6 to 44.8. At the end of the war, each side in the conflict had almost equal ages for generals, that being 42.4 years of age.

During the course of the US Civil War, two Confederate generals who were killed in action were generals Sidney Johnston and Stonewall Jackson.Johnston was killed at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 and Stonewall Jackson was killed during the Battle of Chancellorsville. On the Northern side, generals were also lost in battle, however, most historians believe that none of them were crucial figures in the Union's war efforts.

Confederate. He was one of the Generals who took over part of Stonewall Jackson's division after his death. He claimed that he never wanted to be a General but was pushed into it.

The major generals were pi equals 3.14!!! :) :D!

there were 3 generals from the colonial side and all i know is that 2 of them are george washington and alexander hamilation

A much bigger population from which to recruit. And a President who learned to choose and use good Generals - unlike his opposite number on the Confederate side.

Nevada was on the unions side in the civil war

The South started with the best Generals, but the Southern President, an ex-officer, tried to act as General-in-Chief, and did not always make wise appointments. In the second half, the gung-ho Confederate spirit was simply not winning any campaigns, and meanwhile Lincoln had rewarded Grant with the top job. This - and Grant's promotion of Sherman and Sheridan - finally swung Union victory.

No Generals. Just a Major (Anderson) commanding the garrison on the island of Fort Sumter.

The commanders that served during the Civil War on both the Union and Confederate sides, were called Generals. On the Union side his name was Ulysses S. Grant and on the Confederate side it was Robert E. Lee.

one side wanted slaves the other side thought inslaving people should be alegal

You need to be much more specific; first off, which side? Confederate or Union? Secondly, which theater or army? Thirdly, what time period? In the US Civil War, military command structures tended to be army-based, with a specific army group being responsible for a "theater" of action. Unlike modern organization, however, there was no overall "supreme" commander on either side. Each theater tended to have a single general in charge, but civilian governments controlled the overall war efforts. In addition, given that Civil War generals often lead from the front edge of the battlefield, there were a considerable number of them killed (or grievously wounded). Furthermore (particularly on the Union side), generals were often changed for political or performance reasons - indeed, for most of the Union war, top generals seldom managed to hold a single command for a full year. Thus, while we can list a whole bunch of different generals here, that won't answer your question well. Please ask again, being more specific as to which area of operations and what time period you are interested in. As a short list to explain what I mean by "lots of generals", here's some of both the Union and Confederate Corps commanders (leaving out division and other subordinate generals): Union: Grant, Meade, McClellan, Hooker, Sherman, Sheridan, Scott Confederate: Lee, Johnson, Jackson, Early, Longstreet, Stuart See the two links below for more comprehensive lists of generals in the Civil War.

On the Allied side there were Generals: Eisenhower, Bradley, Ridgeway, Gerow, Montgomery, Gale, and many others. On the German side there were Generals: Rommel, Dolman, Feuchtinger, and many others.

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