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shut up that's wat kind

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The lever

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Q: Which simple machine is the hedge clippers?
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What does hedge clipper mean in German?

hedge clippers = Heckenschere

What type of simple machine is nail clippers?

A nail clipper is a class two lever coupled to a class three lever.

What is the meaning of hedge shears?

They are long, sharp clippers used to cut or prune shrubbery or other plant /flower growth.

Is a clamp a simple machine?

Yes. A machine is a mechanical device that transmits energy. Clamps fit the definition.

How do you get the hedge clippers from the man on cryptids island?

Get the $5 bill from the tree at far right and buy a sports drink for the thirsty gardener.

Why is hitman rated mature?

Because it is extremely violent e.g you can set people on fire, attack people with hedge clippers etc...

What is the name of the machine that gives you a buzz cut on your hair?

In barbering and hairstyling, this machine is called Clippers.

Is an airplane a simple machine?

An airplane is not a simple machine. A lever is a simple machine. A wheel is a simple machine. Any machine that can be described by a mathematical formula is a simple machine.

What do you do with the hedge on cryptids island?

The hedge can be clipped, but it is not part of the quest. They return to normal when you leave. (The clippers are used at the far left, to cut loose the hot air balloon. They are used later to cut the rope to a cage being carried by helicopter.)

What is the simple past tense of the verb thow?

The item was thrown over the hedge yesterdayHe threw it over the hedge yesterday.

What does it mean when you dream about your girlfriend kills you with hedge clippers?

that you need to break up The dream is a metaphor representing stress and tension in the relationship. The killing expresses the dreamers feeling of being attacked or "cut down" in some way, and the dream might reflect feelings that have not been openly expressed in real life. The hedge clippers carry a subtle suggestion of castration, which hints at the source of the tension.

If I want to start a landscaping service, what kind of landscaping equipment do I need to have?

You would need mowers, tractors, weed eating devices, chainsaws, and hedge clippers.