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and clorow

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Q: Which soap works the best on clothes?
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What is very the best soap?

The very best soap can be dependent on which type of soap you are referring to. The best laundry soap cleans clothes with out and residue left on the clothes. For dishes the best soap will included a degreaser and smells nicely.

Which type of soap works best?

well, I use " Dove Soap Sensitive Skin " and it works best for me. hope I helped...

Which works best on clothes Lemon Vinegar or Clorox?

Lemon vinegar works best on colored pieces of clothes. Clorox works best on white clothes that are yellowed or stained.

Which soap works best?

Lever 2000

What kind of soap works the best?

So when I looked for and answer I saw dove soap so I will try it :

Which dish soap works best on Greece?

A dish soap with a detergent content higher than the water content works better on grease. A soap that has a degreaser in it will work well too.

How do remove paraffin from hand and feet?

Often, soap works best.

Does caress soap works better than dial soap?

yes yes Caress is best for skin softening, but Dial is best for antibacterial use.

What is a clever science fair title dealing with soap?

Its depends on what type of soap but if you using bath soap then you should do on what bath soap dries out faster but if it's soap you wash your clothes in then you should do it on see what what soap gets out the stain best

How do remove human urine from clothes?

If you are in the US, that detergent in the pink box that is made specially for baby clothes still works best , because who wets their clothes more than babies ? Pre-rinse the clothing in the washing machine. Then, wash in hot water and soap. For "real" diapers, mix soap in a bucket with water, and, after rinsing the diaper in the toilet, place it in the bucket until you have a full load.

What is the best way to make children's soap bubbles?

The best way to make childrens soap bubbles is to use dish soap and water.. it works really well and my nieces and nephews love it

What is said about Dawn liquid soap?

this dish washing soap works great its amazing the best I've ever seen .