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Boxing Floyd Mayweather earned 25 million for a fight.

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Q: Which sport has the best paid athletes?
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Which sport has the highest paid athletes?


The worlds most paid sport Athletes?


Do UK athletes get paid?

Yes. UK Sport

How much do girl soccer players get paid?

women athletes do not get paid, for any sport.

Can high school athletes be paid to play their sport in a professional commercial?

i think they can get paid.

Which sport excluding boxing has highest paid athletes?


What sport has the best athletes?


Which team sport has the best athletes?


What sport in America has the highest paid athletes?

Boxing around $50 million

Do Olympians get paid?

In today's Olympic Games, the majority of athletes are professionals who are paid to play their sport. In addition, many countries pay their athletes a bonus if they win a medal..

Which sports has the best paid athletes?


Which sport has the best all around athletes?


Who are the highest paid athletes in each major sport of 2009?

surfing skating and snowboarding

What are the highest paid athletes by sport?

in football the highest played player is always the quarterback.

Best two sport athletes?

Bo Jackson & Dion Sanders

Which sport is the best paid in the world?


In which professional sport are the athletes paid the highest?

baseball, the new york Yankees are paid 7 million on average annually for the first team players

What sports attract the best professional athletes?

Each sport attracts those athletes who are "best" in that sport. Is the top basketball player "better" than the top football player, or the top golfer or tennis player?

What sport athletes get paid the most?

The person who gets paid the most in the world is MY DICK sopn if you ever wants some com in your face JUST ASK....

Do college athletes get paid?

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

What has sports given back to you?

Sports has given you entertainment, an activity to do, and for fortunate athletes, a profession where they get paid to play the sport they love.

What is the sport best paid?

Baseball And soccer (football) are the highest paid players in the world

Which sport has the most physically fit athletes?

Nordic Skiing and Swimming. Both sports have athletes with the best BO2 max body tests.

Top 10 highest paid athletes?

Top 10 highest paid athletes?

Which sport has best athletes?

Well a lot of people say that golf has the best athletes but it's actually basketball. Who says that golfer are more athletic? Definitely Basketball or soccer