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Q: Which state does Nagpur come under?
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Is nagpur the capital of maharasthra?

Maharashtra is a state in the western region of India. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. Nagpur is the winter capital.

Which city is having an rbi office which is not a state capital?


Which is the largest orange growing state in India?


Can you get admission at vnit nagpur for architecture with air 27309 category air 6434 state rank maharashtra 2423 and state category obc rank 484?

can i get adimition to vnit nagpur with air 11992 and state rank 1050 i am of maharastra state

National environment engineering institute is located at which state in India?


Which state is The Store House Of India's minerals?

jharkhand as it lies in chotta nagpur plateau

Do banajiga come under obc in central list?

No they come under reservation only in State.

When was Nagpur created?

Nagpur was created in 1702.

What is Nagpur's population?

The population of Nagpur is 2,405,421.

What is the country code and area code of Nagpur- Nagpur India?

The country code and area code of Nagpur- Nagpur, India is 91, (0)712.

What is the list of top engineering colleges in nagpur?

Shri. Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, Nagpur (RKNEC NAGPUR) ITM College Of Engineering, Nagpur (ITM COE NAGPUR) Priyadarshani College Of Engineering, Nagpur (PCOE NAGPUR) G.H.Raisoni College Of Engineering, Nagpur (RAISONI NAGPUR) G. H. Raisoni Institute Of Engineering & Technology For Women, Nagpur (GHR IET NAGPUR) Guru Nanak Institute Of Engineering & Technology,Kalmeshwar, Nagpur (GNIET NAGPUR) Amar Seva Mandal's Shree Govindrao Vanjari College Of Engineering & Technology, (GWCET NAGPUR) Tulshiramji Gaikwad Patil College Of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur (TGPCET NAGPUR) Vodithala Education Society's Kavikulguru Institute Of Tech & Sci, Nagpur (KITS NAGPUR) Anjuman College Of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur (ACET NAGPUR) Sarvasiddhanta Education Soc's Nuva College Of Engg And Technology, Nagpur (NCET NAGPUR) ST. Vincent Pallotti College Of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur (SVPCET NAGPUR)

Which state is largest store house of minerals in India?

chota nagpur plateau