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The Mountain Bluebird is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada.

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Q: Which state has the official name of the mountain bluebird?
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What do the symbols in the Nevada flag represent?

The Nevada state emblem/symbol is the Desert Bighorn Sheep. (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) It was adopted in 1973.

What are the colors and symbols on the Nevada state flag?

The state colors are silver and blue. Blue represents the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe and the mountain bluebird, the official state bird. Silver represents the official state mineral (silver), the granite composition of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the silver country of northern Nevada.

What is the common name of the eastern bluebird?

The common name is bluebird, Latin name is Sialia Sialis.

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its the state animal because it is a graceful animal when its on when it is on mountains also because it is a tough animal not because it has Rocky Mountain in the name.

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Vermont is known as the "Green Mountain State."

What is the mountain in the state vermont with a color in the name?

The Green Mountains are a mountain range in the state of Vermont.

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