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Which stores allow you to make payments on their credit cards in-store?


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Most stores do.

Supermarkets, Superstores and minishops


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Orhcard bank will allow online payments. The payments could be for anything. YOu can pay your mortgage, utilities, and even credit card. They have made enrolling very quick and easy.

Several websites offer services where a company can accept credit card payments for free. The Site Wizard is one site that will guide one on how to accept credit card payments on their website.

All of the major credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover, allow online processing of payments. If one is choosing a company through which to process online credit card payments, some of the options are CCBill, CCNow, Digital River, Paypal and ProPay.

A merchants account credit card is a special type of credit card that is issued from a merchant acquiring bank. These credit cards allow a vendor or business to accept payments from customers using a credit card.

Call your financial institution you have the loan with and see if they will allow you to refinance your loan. Depending on your history with on time payments and credit score will help determine your rate change if any.

Sprint does allow for you to sign up for automatic payments. they also will usually give a credit for paper-less billing or a billing discount when you sign up for the automatic payments.

Buying goods on credit allow you to enjoy your purchases before they are completely paid for. Advantages to using credit for purchases include that you build up your credit by making payments on time and have a higher credit line available with lower interest rates.

A liberal credit policy means a company extends positive terms to buyers. They sometimes offer discounts for early payments or allow longer repayment periods with no penalty.

"No, most reputable credit counselors do not charge a fee. Instead they look at your debts, monthly payments, and income and help you make a budget that will allow you to get back on you feet."

One of the easiest and most widely used methods is PayPal. You can sign up for a business account which will allow you to accept credit card payments online.

Generally no, but some lenders will allow a judgment to stay open on your credit report if you provide a repayment agreement and proof that payments have been made on time for 6-12 months.

The purpose of the 0 credit card deals is to allow customers to pay 0% interest on balance transfers. This allows one to transfer the balance between cards and consolidate payments.

Just like Rent-a-Center... Aaron's does not run credit checks prior to the purchase of an item. Aaron's allow you to pay monthly installments without credit. However, they do report your payments to the credit bureau, which builds your credit. These are recent changes to Aaron's policy since they did not report to the Credit Bureaus to help customers build credit in the past.

A lot of cell phone stores allow you to bring it back in to recycle and get a credit for your account. Other non profit organizations allow you to send it to them an they send them to the troops.

Bank Of America does not allow payments towards mortgage balance to be applied from a credit card, only a checking account. Cash advance from a credit card can be obtained and then transferred to a checking account which is being used for the mortgage payment.

A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a lender will extend to a debtor for a particular tradeline. For example, it is the most that a credit card company will allow a card holder to take out at once on a card.This limit is based on a variety of factors ranging from an individual's ability to make interest payments, an organization's cashflow and/or ability to repay the credit card debt.

Absolutely. Nearly all revolving credit agreements allow the lender to reduce or terminate the available credit if there is a material change in the borrowers circumstances or finances, a changedrop in credit score, job loss, missed payments, value loss in the collateral (home equity credit lines) or a change in the lenders lending parameters.

A lot of the time, yes, but some companies allow you to use Paypal. Paypal can be financed from a bank account, or by payments other people have sent you, without needing to add a credit card.

Prepaid debit cards or debit cards tied into your bank account with no - repeat, NO - overcharge/overdraft protection. Do NOT go for credit cards with annual payments or interest.

There are many benefits to paying credit card bills online. Many websites offer the ability to schedule automatic payments which can save someone from missing a payment. Also many companies allow payments online from cell phones so paying on the go takes any hassle out of the equation.

It depends on the policy and your credit rating. Some insurance companies allow you to pay monthly, in advance, for your insurance. Many want 3 to 6 months in advance.

You can fund an iTunes account with PayPal. Don't forget that you can go to many stores allow you to purchase a re-chargeable credit card. You can use that to fund your iTunes account.

some dentists do allow you to do that but you have to ask them about it

Online payments of credit card bills can save you money by ensuring that you never miss a payment again. Most companies allow you to set up payments in advance, recurring at the same time each month. You can choose the date so that it corresponds with your paycheck and is enough in advance of your credit card due date. Another way that paying your credit card bill online benefits you is that it's totally free, with no payment charges and not even the cost of a postage stamp.

There are many websites that will allow you to check your credit. Most websites charge you to check your credit regardless, but a few will allow you to do it for free. One such website is

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