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Chunky necklaces can be purchased at many retail stores. Claire's has many chunky necklaces and jewellery pieces one can choose from. Walmart and Target also carry chunky necklaces in their jewellery department as well.

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Q: Which stores can one buy chunky necklaces from?
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Where can one buy gold necklaces and pendants?

A person can buy gold necklaces and pendants at a variety of stores including J C Penney, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, eBay, Amazon, Macy's, and several other jewelry stores.

Where can you buy a purple necklace?

One can buy a purple necklace at any retailers where necklaces are sold. These include jewelry stores, department stores like Macy's, and big box stores like Target. Purple necklaces can also be found through online merchants such as Amazon.

Where can one buy friendship necklaces?

Friendship necklaces can be purchased at most jewellery stores within a town. Alternatively for a more personalised design then can be bought from the craft website Etsy.

Where can one buy a Grandma necklace online?

There are many types of necklaces a Grandma would like. Necklaces can be purchased on eBay or Amazon, or some higher end stores will have them available online.

Where might one find instructions on how to make a chunky necklace from chains?

There are many places where one might find instructions on how to make chunky necklaces from chains. One of the best places to find out these instructions would be on HowStuffWorks.

Where can one find quality brown necklaces?

Many jewelry stores will offer brown necklaces. One simply needs to go a jewelry stores such as Ben Moss or Pandora and look at their selection of necklaces and the colors that are offered.

Where can gold cross necklaces be purchased from in Boston?

There are many places one can buy gold cross necklaces from in Boston. Most major department stores carry several different styles. These includes Macy's, Sears and JcPenny's. Boston has several chains of these stores. Boston also offers many different jewelry stores where one can find gold cross necklaces, such as Zales and Alex and Company.

Where can one buy a Black Onyx Necklace?

One can buy a Black Onyx necklace at most jewelry stores which sell necklaces. They can also be found in the jewelry section of large department stores or ordered online from shopping sites such as Amazon.

Where can you purchase personalized necklaces?

One can purchase personalized necklaces at many different places. You can visit jewellery stores, online websites and engraving shops. Many jewellery stores give you the ability to personalize your necklaces.

Where would one purchase a Chanel necklace?

One can purchase a Chanel necklace at official Chanel online website. You can also buy Chanel necklaces at your local jewelry stores.

Where could one buy a freshwater pearl necklace?

There are several online stores that sell a variety of freshwater pearl necklaces, including Macy's, Zales, Birks and Amazon. Freshwater pearl necklaces are also sold at Walmart and Target.

Where can one purchase silver charms for necklaces?

You can purchase silver charms at nearly all jewelry stores that carry necklaces. Stores such as Charm Diamond, Pandora and Peoples will carry these charms.

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