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The cell membrane - the outer layer in animal cells and the layer beneath the cell wall in plants that is made up of a double layer of phospolipid molecules. The term semipermeable means that the outer layer only allows certain substances into and out of the cell, not everything.

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Q: Which structure is a semi-permeable membrane in a cell?
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This structure is the outermost boundary of the cell and is semipermeable?

Plasma membrane or cell membrane

What organelle in the cell could be best described as 'semipermeable'?

cell membrane

What does a cell membrane do in an animal cell?

The semipermeable membrane that encloses the cytoplasm of a cell...

Definition of cell Membrane?

The semipermeable membrane surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell.

What are plant cells enclosed by?

Plant cells are enclosed by a cell membrane and cell wall. The cell wall is a rigid structure made up of cellulose and the cell membrane is a semipermeable membrane made up of protein and fat.

Oxygen diffuses through what structure?

A semipermeable membrane.

The plasma membrane is also known as?

Cell membrane, cytomembrane or semipermeable membrane

Is the cell membrane the semipermeable barrier?


Which particles can pass through the cell membrane?

semipermeable membrane can pass through the cell membrane easily

Controls movementof materials in and out of the cell?

semipermeable cell membrane

What is the function for cell membrane in a animal cell?

The cell membrane is a semipermeable membrane which allows nutrients to enter the cell and waste to leave the cell.

What performs the same function as a cell membrane?

nothing A semipermeable membrane

All cells are surrounded by a membrane Which is a characteristic of a cell membrane?

It is semipermeable.

What is a semipermeable membrane that lets some things into the cell and keeps other things out?

the cell membrane

Is cell wall semipermeable?

No, cell wall is not permeable only cell membrane is

Can you explain the structure and function of semipermeable membrane and phosolipid bilayer?

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The plasma membrane of a cell is semipermeable?

True. The plasma membrane is semipermeable in that it allows certain things to pass while disregarding others.

What does a cell surface membrane do?

Cell membrane is the living outermost component of cell. It helps in protecting cell from mechanical shocks and also provide a confined shape and structure to the cell. The main role of cell membrane is either to check the in and out movement of compounds to the cell, as it work as semipermeable membrane which allows the specific compounds or elements into and out of the cell.

The semipermeable membrane that surrounds the cell?

The cell membrane, the plasma membrane, the fluid mosaic and also called, formally, the phospholipid bilayer.

What moves wastes from inside a cell to outside a cell?

I think it is the semipermeable membrane

Which part of a cell controls which substances can enter?

The cell membrane. It is described as semipermeable

The cell membrane is semipermeable?

The Membrane Only Allows Certain Molecules To Pass Through

What is the outer most boundary of the cell and is semipermeable?

The answer is the plasma membrane.

Does a cell membrane not let anything pass through?

No, the cell membrane is semipermeable and allows passage to selective particles

Why is the cell membrane described as semipermeable?

the cell membrane allows only certain substances to pass through it It is considered semipermeable because, it allows non charged particals to pass through.