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Q: Which subject should you take in class 11 to become a pilot?
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How can one become a commercial pilot?

There are several steps to become a commercial pilot. You have to get a four-year college degree. You should also find a good flight school and fly instructor to get your private pilot certificate. You will also need a First Class medical certificate.

What is the best college to help you to become a pilot?

Not a school that doesn't have a flight class.

What subject you choose to become a pilot?

You should choose a couple of strong core subject for your A levels/higher education,such as maths,physics, chemistry, English and geography

Why should I become an airplane pilot?

If you are asking this question, you shouldn't.

At what subjects should you be good in to become a pilot?

Geography and Maths

What stream should you take in junior college to become a commercial pilot in future?

in junior colleges (in india ) you have to choose physics and maths and then you can apply for any aviation club . you should be totaaly fit to become a pilot . if you want to become commercial pilot then you have to take cpl (commercial pilot licence ) or if you want to become private pilot then you have to take ppl ( private pilot licence ). by nikhil shenoy any questions you can mail me without hesitating my id is

What A levels should you need to become an airline pilot?

To become a pilot you need to have maths and physics or you can take what you most enjoy in school but maths and physics are prefered better.

What are the qualifications needed to become an astronaut?

You should have passed college, with science and should be a jet pilot.

What degree is needed to become a pilot?

While there are no specific degree requirements to become a pilot, rather, stringent requirements including in class and flight time. However, some pilots hold a Bachelors or Masters in Aviation or Aeronautical Sciences.

What is the best college class to take if you want to become a Marine Pilot?

A degree in Aeronautical Engineering might be looked on favorably.

What do you need to study if you want to become a pilot?

To become a pilot, you should study math, geography, English, writing, etc. In training, you would receive all technical instructions you need.

Infinitive phrase in Georgio is planning to become an airplane pilot?

Georgio is planning to become an airplane pilot. The complete infinitive phrase is "to become an airplane pilot".